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Cosmogas Modular MYdens T Boilers

MYdens T are floor mounted modular condensing boilers, thanks to their power, reduced size and lightness, they free up space inside plant rooms. Their compact size makes them the ideal replacement boiler when carrying out refurbishment works as they can often be installed alongside the old equipment.

MYdens are equipped with either 1 to 4 R.V.C burner/heat exchangers modules made of 316Ti Titanium stainless steel that work in cascade mode with each unit power set at a maximum output of 60 kW or 70 kW. The available turndown ratio is up to 1:20 with the 280kW model modulating from 14kW to 280kW. With each heat exchanger equipped with its own control and safety devices.

The Modular MYdens T boiler, being multi-heat exchanger boilers, have more reliability and offer security of supply in case of a malfunction occurring to one module, since the others will work without any problem.

Furthermore, each exchanger has its own control board that communicate together and handle the power output of every module in a uniform and co-ordinated way in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency, rotation and even wear and tear of all components.

Cosmogas MYdens T

ErP Ready 2018 The new generation of commercial gas condensing boilers

MYdens T from 60 to 280 kW is the new range of commercial modular gas condensing boilers, completely patented and assembled by Cosmogas.

Please see our brochures, data sheets and technical instructions for further details.

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Why choose MYdens T?

Savings and efficiency

  • Condensing technology
  • Total flame modulation (heating and sanitary)
  • Certified efficiency up to 107%

  • Silent
  • Outdoor sensor and climate control
  • Easy installation and maintenance
Construction quality

  • Modern, innovative and attractive design
  • AISI 316 Ti stainless steel R.V.C. heat exchanger
  • Turndown ratio up to 1:20

  • Fecralloy fibre premix burner
  • Reduced gas emissions in the atmosphere CO<15 ppm and NOx<15 ppm
11 Bar Working Pressure
10 Year Warranty Heat Exchanger
10 Year Warranty Burner
AISI 316 TI Titanium
1:20 Turndown Ratio

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Gemtex MYdens Guarantee

With our 10 year guarantee on the heat exchangers and burners and up to 5 years on all other parts, you will have peace of mind when investing in the Cosmogas brand with us.

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