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TUTORbit Web-Based Remote Service System

TUTORbit Regulates the operation of the boilers and the cascade sequence. With this kind of Management, a sequenced lighting of boilers occurs, this allows to modulate from the lowest output of one single boiler to the highest output of 4 boilers working at full capacity, guaranteeing the rotation for an equal wear and tear on all components.

In DHW mode, TUTORbit provides the opportunity to run an Anti-legionella programme, and set the storage minimum and maximum temperature and control the DHW circulating pump

We can control 4 separate circuits, each one independent from the others, one circuit for domestic hot water production and three heating circuits with the temperature controlled by a 3-way mixing valve and pump.

TUTORbit can manage simultaneously renewable and gas energy integration and controlĀ  ensuring the most is made of any available renewable energy.

Web-based remote service system– The TUTORbit allows for easy remote access from both PC or Smartphone and is compatible with standard web-browsers. This allows for remote changing of settings and parameters and allows for fault alarms to be sent to field engineers or head office facilities to assist with PPM service work.

Cosmogas TUTORbit Thermoregulation

Thermoregulator for remote control and cascade sequence management

TUTORbit offers its users the opportunity to obtain an innovative service from the Cosmogas Service Centre: remote monitoring of the boiler so as to always guarantee the desired comfort and tranquillity and prevent any malfunction.

Please see our brochures, data sheets and technical instructions for further details.

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Thermoregulator for heating installations, D.H.W production and cascade sequence management

TUTORbit Explained
Remote control with display (optional)

  • Connectable via Ethernet it allows remoting up to 50 meters
Installation & cascade sequence thermoregulator

  • TUTORbit controls 4 boilers in cascade sequence, 2 mixed circuits, 1 D.H.W. circuit, 1 recycling loop circuit, alarm output
TUTORbit expansion (optional)

  • Expansion allows the additional control of 1 solar circuit, 1 third mixed circuit, antilegionella mixing pump, external input for antilegionella activation

  • Combine with MYdens T, AGUAdens T and AGUAplus

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