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COSMObit Wi-Fi Thermostat

COSMObit is the innovative Cosmogas Wi-Fi room thermostat that allows you to manage your MYdens boiler directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Simple to install and easy to use – Just follow the step by step guide to the configuration that makes the system immediately operational.

Energy saving control – With COSMObit it will always be possible to control the temperature, and to programme the times and day of switching on and off wherever you are! So, if you decide to go out on your way home from work you can turn your heating down or delay the on the time.

Available for all MYdens boilers.

COSMObit offers its users the opportunity to obtain a new innovative service from the Cosmogas Service Centre: By connecting the COSMObit to the gateway, you can even authorise your trusted technician to keep the boiler under control through the Cosmogas RAM portal, the innovative management platform created for Cosmogas service centres. In case of  malfunction of the boiler, the Cosmogas Service Centre will be immediately informed, as will your service provider.

COSMObit Controls Cosmogas

Home temperature always under control

COSMObit is the innovative Cosmogas Wi-Fi room thermostat that allows you to manage your MYdens and Q30 boilers directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Please see our brochures, data sheets and technical instructions for further details.

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App – control the temperature wherever you are

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RAM – Remote surveillance

  • Remotely manage COSMObit and the temperature of the house in a simple and intuitive way
Adjust temperature

  • Adjust the home temperature from +5°C to +28.5°C (in increments of 0.5°C)
Set timers

  • Create time slots and set weekly programs in 10-minute intervals
Multiple users

  • The same thermostat can be managed by different users, simply by installing the APP on multiple smartphones.
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