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Cosmogas MYdens Residential Boilers

MYdens Residential boiler range sets a new standard in the condensing boiler market. The complete design of the MYdens range satisfies all new living requirements marked by smaller and smaller spaces, needs of energy savings, desire for comfort, ease of use, reliability and low impact on the environment.

All MYdens boilers comply with the latest NOx 6 rating making them extremely environmentally friendly as well as complying with the latest European standard EN656.

Just 30.5 cm in diameter the MYdens range is a smart and refined design. It fits into any domestic environment, comfortably fitting inside a standard kitchen cupboard. The compact size and lightness simplify the installation. Great attention has been paid to the final user, with simple and intuitive commands and easy maintenance, thanks to the boiler front panel.

The heart of the MYdens is the new patented R.V.C. heat exchanger in titanium stainless steel. It is composed by a series of round pipes in which the circulation is variable and inverse. This system reaches an extraordinary performance of 109.2%:

The complete range of MYdens boilers condense all year round due to the R.V.C heat exchanger which allows condensation even when supplying high temperature radiators.

Cosmogas MYdens Residential Boilers

ErP Ready 2018 The new generation of residential gas condensing boilers

MYdens 15, 24 and 34 is the new range of residential wall-mounted gas condensing boilers, completely patented and assembled by Cosmogas.

Please see our brochures, data sheets and technical instructions for further details.

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Why choose MYdens Residential?

Savings and efficiency

  • “Double Condensing” technology
  • Total flame modulation
  • Certified efficiency up to 109%
  • Low power consumption

  • Hot water immediately available abundantly and at a constant temperature
  • Sleek design with back-lighting display
  • Quiet and easy to use
Construction quality

  • AISI 316 Ti stainless steel R.V.C. heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel oversized plate heat exchanger
  • Turndown ratio 1:8

  • Fecralloy fibre premix burner
  • Reduced gas emissions in the atmosphere
  • Above class 6 (13 mg/kWh of NOx)
10 Year Warranty Heat Exchanger
10 Year Warranty Burner
AISI 316 TI Titanium
1:8 Turndown Ratio
D.H.W 100% Condensing
MYdens Boilers Residential

MYdens P Residential Boilers

Domestic hot water is produced through a stainless-steel plate heat exchanger with larger dimensions (L=320 mm), which allows larger quantities of domestic hot water and rapid service.

In addition, MYdens always works in condensing mode, even during the domestic hot water supply phase, and reduces consumptions and the cost of production of domestic hot water by a further 10% (compared to boilers that don’t condensate in the domestic hot water production phase).

Cosmogas Domestic Boilers

MYdens B & C Residential Boilers

MYdens B & C boilers are the ideal solution for prestigious homes, with several bathrooms, to meet large water needs such as whirlpool tubs and oversized shower.

when paired with a Gemtex GTX range of high recovery unvented cylinders the MYdens range always works in condensing mode during the domestic hot water production due to our oversized coils and the R.V.C heat exchanger.

The B model has a built-in diverter valve providing separate connections for the hot water tank and heating. The C model is for use for a single circuit application or for use with an external diverter valve for heating and hot water.

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Gemtex MYdens Guarantee

With our 10 year guarantee on the heat exchangers and burners and up to 5 years on all other parts, you will have peace of mind when investing in the Cosmogas brand with us.

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