Gemtex Tanks

We are the UK partner of Mecalia a long-established specialist manufacturer of 316L stainless steel hot water tanks and buffers and carbon steel buffers.

Our GTX hot water tanks are built to Gemtex design criteria with oversized coils for fast recovery and maximum efficiency when used with our condensing boilers or renewable energy. Bespoke tanks and buffers are our speciality to match our clients specific dimension and connection details when needed.

Gemtex GTX Tanks

Gemtex Tanks


Our Gemtex GTX tanks outperform virtually every other kind of hot water system due to the vast surface area of our coils. The large surface area coils are specifically designed for condensing boilers and renewable energy sources, with the over-sized coils ensuring a low return temperature at the boiler or renewable energy source.

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Gemtex Buffer Tanks

Gemtex Tanks

Buffer & Commercial Tanks

Size and coil and connections details of your choice present no problem for our made to order commercial buffers and tanks. Starting at only 80 litre capacity and then going up to the largest buffer our factory has produced to date which is 40,000 litres.

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