Cosmogas boilers

Gemtex is the UK partner of Cosmogas – a boiler manufacturer that is at the forefront of low NOx gas-fired condensing boiler technology.


Cascade flues

Cascade or collective flue systems are widely used in many other countries and are becoming more popular now with developers who want to avoid communal or district heating systems.


Gemtex tanks

We are the UK partner of Mecalia a long-established specialist manufacturer of 316L stainless steel hot water tanks and buffers and carbon steel buffers.


Gemtex UK Boilers

Gemtex is the UK partner of Cosmogas MYdens Boilers – a manufacturer that has been at the forefront of low NOx gas-fired condensing boiler technology for more than 30 years and who use Titanium for the boiler heat exchanger. We are responsible for design, sales, warranty and service, and upholding the manufacturers’ high-standard approach to product support.

We specialise in all aspects of modern heating and hot water systems for both domestic and commercial applications, with a vast knowledge of district heating plant room solutions and collective/cascade flue systems , using the latest energy-saving technology we can assist in all parts of a boiler installation project, from the design stage to commissioning. Gemtex’s products are designed with longevity in mind and have a long-life expectancy.

Our full system approach of providing the boilers, tanks and controls, complete with chemical free water treatment ensures we provide a fully integrated solution for our clients.

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Energy saving technology Cosmogas boilers are at the leading cutting edge of energy saving boilers, always designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.
Taking responsibility seriously Looking after our environment is at the forefront of all our development work, this is why all our burners have Class 6 NOx levels protecting from harmful emissions and making them suitable for use in cities with low emission targets.
Warranty and service parts With a 10 year warranty on our heat exchangers and burners and up to 5 years on all other parts and with engineer service kits available you will have a long life reliable product if you invest into the Cosmogas brand.
Design and technical services We offer advice and guidance on your heating system or upgrade using designs and configurations that have already been tried and tested by Cosmogas.
In-house experienced team Our team has a long standing history in high efficiency gas fired condensing boiler technology, controls and cascade/collective flue installation.
Titanium heat exchangers The robust patented triple pass Titanium heat exchanger design is unique and offers efficiency and reliability working at 11 bar pressure.

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