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About Gemtex

Gemtex is the proud UK partner of Cosmogas and Adisa – two boiler manufacturers that have been at the forefront of low NOx gas-fired condensing boiler technology for more than 20 years. As the UK partner of the brands, we are responsible for design, sales, warranty and service support, and upholding both the manufacturers’ high-standard approaches. Our in-house team has more than 70 years’ combined product knowledge, and can assist our customers on all types of enquiries relating to design, technical help and spares.

We specialise in all aspects of modern heating and hot water systems for both domestic and commercial applications. We deal in the latest energy-saving technology and can assist in all parts of a boiler installation project – from the design stage to commissioning and end user handover. Gemtex’s products are designed with longevity in mind, and have a long-life expectancy enhanced by our service and maintenance regime.

Gemtex also partner Geminox boiler who are part of the Bosch group. At Gemtex we provide  maintenance, technical assistance and a spare parts service for all existing installations.



Our Cosmogas boilers are suited to a wide range of applications from standalone domestic systems all the way to commercial cascade systems. Thanks to the inbuilt technologies our domestic ranges are ideally suited to communal cascade flue system where multiple boilers are connected to a common flue system. The Cosmogas philosophy can be seen across the entire product range thanks to the heart of the boiler and its patented R.V.C triple pass heat exchanger which is constructed of titanium stainless steel.

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Our Adisa range starts from 75kw and goes up to 1.8mw, and is ideal for larger applications. They operate on Siemens protocol that enables multiple zones to be controlled, and have various external inputs/outputs that can be managed and read via the cloud allowing users to identify issues with third-party equipment. We can supply standard individual boilers, or deliver a fully assembled and tested plant room to your site as a pre-packaged skid or rooftop plant room.


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The Gemtex GTX range of hot water cylinders used in combination with our boilers provide a high level of comfort, fast hot water production and ensures that your boiler’s power can be absorbed by the cylinders coil to give high boiler operating efficiencies. With our boilers, GTX cylinders, Siemens controls and ESBE valves, we provide a fully integrated heating and hot water solution.  Gemtex has a range of commercial tanks and buffers for installations which require a large store of water.


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Remote Surveillance

Using the latest Siemens technology, Cosmogas and Adisa ranges benefit from remote surveillance options, which enable us or the user to manage the system and diagnose and rectify any issues that may occur. This is particularly appealing for planned preventative maintenance “PPM” contacts in commercial premises, or where a private client has multiple homes.

After Sales Support

Gemtex endorses a here-to-help attitude and our team can assist our clients no matter what the situation is. We supply the industry with premium products that come with added peace of mind in terms of competitive warranties, service plans and PPM packages.

We work closely with the consultants and designers involved in our products, and advise technicians on their installation. Clients will benefit from our SAP Business One for Field Service system, where we can quickly and easily access records, accounts, quotes, invoices and job reports at any time. We can create specific fields for individual sites, which enables us to have multiple site contacts for a project, access relevant notes and create bespoke maintenance procedures for your equipment.

If you need reliable, honest and thorough service for your Cosmogas, Adisa or Geminox equipment contact us at Gemtex today.