Communal Flue Systems

Communal, Cascade or Collective flue systems are some of the names given for these types of flue installations. CFS are widely used in many other countries and are becoming more popular now with developers who want to avoid communal or district heating systems and who want to avoid penetrations to the external fa├žade and to also avoid horizontal flue runs in buildings.

Our MYdens residential boilers all have C42 and C43 approval for being connected to a communal/cascade/collective flue system.

Cascade Flue Concept

Cascade Flue


The concept behind the cascade flue system supplied through Gemtex is simple, it allows multiple boiler installations connected to one common flue pipe. This type of installation saves multiple unsightly flue terminals spoiling the facade of a building.

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Cascade Flue Design

Cascade Flue


Gemtex have two vertical cascade/collective flue solutions that are enabling developers to choose between individual boilers or district heating, by using extremely Low NOX gas fired condensing boilers that incorporate weather compensation controls.

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