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Cascade Flue – Concept

In 2012 Gas Safe made amendments to their regulations regarding the installations of flue systems. All joints/connections in a flue installation now need to be visibly inspected to confirm safe operation of a gas flued appliance. Our cascade flue system complies with all current regulations and avoids flues in ceiling voids.

The concept behind the cascade flue system supplied through Gemtex is simple, it allows multiple boiler installations connected to one common flue pipe. This type of installation saves multiple unsightly flue terminals spoiling the facade of a building. This makes it an ideal solution for new builds, glass façades and listed buildings. Our Gemtex Cosmogas range of MYdens boilers are approved for use on cascade/collective flues with an inbuilt non return valve on the boiler internal flue allowing them to work efficiently, safely and effectively on these flue systems.

Gemtex have two vertical cascade/collective flue solutions that are enabling developers to choose individual boilers for their apartments, by using extremely Low NOX gas fired condensing boilers that incorporate weather compensation controls. Our combination boilers all have inbuilt weather compensation as standard and have done for many years, so they are far ahead and fully compliant with the Building Regulations being launched in April 2018 ‘Heat in Buildings, Boiler Plus’.

Gemtex Cascade Flues

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Gemtex can provide a complete solution for any cascade flue installation. We offer services in design, supply, installation and commissioning of the flue system when connected to one of our Gemtex Cosmogas range of boilers.

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