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Our Geminox ZEM range is a popular choice with specifiers and developers alike, due to its use of unique cascade flues. Up to ten boilers can be installed on one communal flue system, meaning no unsightly flue terminals protruding from the front of a building and spoiling the aesthetics. A simple inspection hatch is required where the flue enters the communal part of the stack to meet current gas safety regulations. We offer our ZEM boilers with outputs of 2–17kw and 5–25kw, and we also have combination boilers available within this range.

Features of our Geminox ZEM range

Our ZEM models feature:

  • Weather compensation
  • Inbuilt cylinders (available upon request)
  • Integrated solar cylinder/controls ((available upon request))
  • An internal diverter valve (available upon request)
  • A stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Low energy consumption pumps

They are:

  • A-rated for energy efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Flexible in terms of usage
  • Available with multiple flue options
  • Compatible with our cascade flue

The benefits of our ZEM models

The ZEM range is a low-cost option for clients who want to achieve excellent domestic hot water recovery while being able to have an efficient heating system. The ZEM range consists of a version of the Siemens control system where less control is needed. The ZEM range benefits from weather compensation as standard, and it is possible to adjust and limit the flow temperature if required. ZEM models can be used in conjunction with any traditional ‘S’ plan or ‘Y’ plan system, or can be fitted with an internal diverter valve that has a domestic hot water sensor. The ZEM ranges are flexible and ideal for new or replacement installations.

For more information about our Geminox ZEM range, contact us at Gemtex today.