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Geminox THRs Models

Geminox THRs models are best suited to luxury houses and small commercial plant rooms. These premium boilers are available with outputs of 0.9–9kW, 2-17kW, 5–25kW, 10-35kW and 10–50kW. They have been sold widely across Europe since 2014

Combination boilers with hot water rates of up to 18 litres per minute are also available.

Features of the Geminox THRs Range

THRs models feature:

  • Inbuilt Siemens LMS controls, making cascade systems possible
  • Multizone modules (available upon request)
  • Cascade frame kits and pump sets (available upon request)
  • User-friendly room controls
  • Weather compensation
  • Internal and external diverter valve (available upon request)
  • Inbuilt cylinder models
  • Dual circuit models
  • A stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Low energy consumption pumps

They are:

  • A-rated for energy efficiency
  • Flexible in terms of usage
  • Multiple flue configurations available
  • Compatible with our cascade flue solutions

A Truly Flexible Choice

THRs range is a flexible option for specifiers and installers. With inbuilt Siemens LMS controls, it is possible to cascade up to 12 boilers, and have varied outputs to meet the combined output requirement. The inbuilt control system comes with weather compensation as standard and is user-friendly, with a full text display menu that is illuminated by a blue backlight. Each boiler has options for different inputs/outputs as standard, so it can be operated in conjunction with existing or desired control systems or applications. Each boiler can operate a maximum of three mixed circuits and a hot water circuit, and has the option to control a further pump of your choice.

Dual Circuit Features

The 0.9–9kW, 2-17kW and 5–25kW models can be installed as space-saving dual circuit “DC” models. DC models consist of an extra heating circuit pump and a fully modulating mixing valve, allowing us to operate one hot water circuit via the internal diverter valve, and a further two heating circuits (e.g. one for operating a towel rail or radiator circuit, and one for a circuit that requires lower flow temperatures, such as underfloor heating).

Combined Tank Ranges

Output ranges are available with a combined B120 litre or M75 litre unvented cylinders that outperforms its competitors in the recovery time of domestic hot water (DHW) production. The combined tank models are time-saving options and come fully assembled, with all their internal hydraulic connections premade for ease of installation. The units have virtually no heat loss as everything is integrated. The B120 range is ideal for properties with high DHW usage that require a high-volume flow rate. The 2-19kW B120 is available in the DC range allowing control of 2 circuits as well as having an integrated 120 litre cylinder. These flexible time saving models are ideal replacements for existing family homes or for new developments.

To find out more about our Geminox THRs boilers, contact us at Gemtex today.