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ESBE Pump Sets

Our pump sets and combined header sets are a perfect partner for our Geminox THRs boiler ranges. ESBE offers a range of circulation units developed specifically for the domestic market where a few units serve a wide range of demands. Due to 100 years of experience in controlling and regulation of hydronic systems.

The Gemtex pump set ranges come with multiple options of pump sizes, pipe sizes and mixing valves to meet all project requirements. These fit seamlessly with the ESBE low loss header kits and with this combined configuration you save time and cost on the installation which brings a professional look and you have the added benefits of guaranteed flow rates.

Benefits of the Gemtex Pump Sets

  • Compact design
  • Outstanding flow control thanks to the progressive characteristic of the valve
  • Choose between high efficiency Wilo or Grundfos circulation pumps
  • Options for constant or mixed temperature circuits
  • Saving time and costs on installations
  • Pre-insulated
  • Built in combined isolation valves with temperature gauges
  • Built in non-return valves

Benefits of the Gemtex Low Loss Header Sets

  • Fits seamlessly with our pump set ranges
  • Reliable function and elegant look
  • ESBE Quality and Design
  • Available with ports for 2 or 3 circulation pump sets
  • Can be installed in series for further pump set requirements
  • Guaranteed flow rates through the boiler to allow for efficient operation
  • Allows for boilers to be cascaded