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MYdens T Boilers.

Ideal for commercial applications, communal heating systems, schools & hotels.

Introducing the MYdens T with outputs from 60 to 280 kW. The Innovative Design is compact, powerful and lightweight. The MYdens T is designed to be “space saving” thanks to their vertical structure which benefits both new and existing plant rooms. With the price of property ever increasing and every square meter accountable the MYdens T is an ideal solution for even the tightest of spaces measuring just 600mm in diameter allowing it to fit through a standard door frame which is beneficial for building renovations.

The Modular design is built up of a maximum of 4 burners each consisting of the patented R.V.C. triple pass heat exchanger which is constructed of titanium stainless steel. Due to the combination of multiple burners this gives the MYdens T added reliability as in the unlikely event that one burner has failed the remaining burners will continue to operate the cascade until the repair has been completed. Due to the modular setup repairs and servicing costs are also reduced as spares for large output burners are generally costly with the likes of heat exchangers being difficult to replace and require unscheduled downtime of the boiler operation. The modular set up also benefits with energy consumption as the MYdens range has a wide turn down ratio 1:20 and 1:160 when installed in a cascade.

For added flexibility it is also possible to make the boiler room sealed. Sometimes it can be difficult to get natural ventilation down into basements and ducting can be costly to install but with the MYdens T a simple twin flue solution can save time and money when it comes to these issues.

Each installation can be supplied with one of our cascade pipe kits where each boiler in the cascade is connected in series to the low loss header, plate heat exchanger or buffer vessel. These prefabricated kits add further time savings to the installation. Upon your request each pipe kit can be supplied with the necessary safety devices (PRVs, over heat stat, low and high-pressure switches, shut off valves etc) your installation requires. A variable speed circulating pump fits neatly onto the back of every boiler ensuring that sufficient flow is always achieved through each boiler. Pipe kit combinations can be found inside our brochures.

Added control can be achieved using the latest TUTORbit control system. Not only does this cascade multiple MYdens T boilers, control multiple heating and hot water circuits but it also has the facility to read any fault and boiler data through the inbuilt Modbus system that both the TUTORbit and MYdens T have as standard. Remote surveillance can also be achieved through the inbuilt webserver making the TUTORbit a fully comprehensive addition to the MYdens T range. The inbuilt factory supplied 0-10v and Modbus control installed inside the MYdens range makes this an ideal choice for developments where a BMS system has been specified.


Please see our brochures, data sheets and technical instructions for further details.