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Inspection Criteria

The flexible flue liner used complies with all current gas safety regulations and flues in voids amendments made by Gas Safe Registrar April 2012.

In 2012 Gas Safe made amendments to their regulations regarding the installations of flue systems. All joints/connections in a flue installation now need to be visibly inspected to confirm safe operation of a gas flued appliance.  Our cascade flue system complies with all current regulations as the flexible flue system used requires minimal joints due to its continuous lengths which also allows for minimal inspection hatches. One inspection hatch per branch piece where the boiler connects into the cascade flue system is all that’s needed to comply with the current regulations. The Geminox models which are compatible with these systems have built in non-return valves fitted into the flue systems to give the system added safety benefits.

For further information on the current regulations please view our PDF files on the Gas Safe amendments.