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Concept Cascade Flues

The concept behind the unique cascade flue system supplied through Gemtex is simple, its multiple boiler installations connected to one common flue pipe. This type of installation saves multiple unsightly flue terminals spoiling the facade of a building while also allowing for less penetration through the building roof which aids in keeping the building weather tight and dramatically keeps cost down through a variety of trades.  This makes it an ideal solution for new builds and protected builds alike. Our Gemtex Cosmogas range of MYdens boilers are ideally suited to such a flue system with inbuilt technologies allowing them to work efficiently and effectively on communal flue system.

Gemtex can provide a complete solution for any cascade flue installation. We offer services in design, supply, installation and commissioning of the flue system when connected to one of our Gemtex Cosmogas range of boilers.

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