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ADI CD Controls

  • LMS
    • Built in boiler control.
    • Cascade controller.
    • Multi zone controller.
    • Accepts 0-10v.
    • Accepts multiple input/outputs.
  • Cascade bus module OCI345
    • Used when cascading multiple boiler.
    • Used in conjunction with our web server for remote surveillance.
  • Web server QZW672
    • Remote surveillance of onsite equipment.
    • Can view plantroom performance and diagnostics remotely.
    • Can read third party alarms when used in conjunction with AGU2.500.
    • Bespoke plant diagram available.
  • Open source protocol
    • Modbus and BACnet compatible
    • Integration with BMS systems
  • Multifunctional control AGU 2.500
    • Maximum 3 per boiler.
    • Heating circuited control (pump, mixing valve, sensor)
    • Can be configured to accept third party alarms.
  • Outside sensor QAC34
    • Allows for weather compensation
    • Weather compensation as standard

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